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Research-driven and inclusive innovation

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PivotLab is an innovation lab which helps transform organisations.

Our work is research-driven - understanding customers, suppliers, markets and competitors provides a direction of travel for the innovation journey we will make together.

We aim to make diversity and inclusion a source of innovation.


To connect people within organisations and across specialisms to find new business opportunities and approaches to solving challenges.


To use evidence, empathy and creative techniques in our process.


To bring everyone's ideas into the mix.




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Cafe Interior


Insightful - we discover what your customers care about, what your staff really think and what your suppliers and partners can bring to the process.

Inclusive - we harness the power of diversity and those who think differently in your organisation and environment.

Explorative – we start with future trends, competitor activity, customer needs, supplier insight and regulatory constraints.

Inspiring – we draw on emerging trends in other sectors and industries to stimulate new thinking about old problems.


Fun – we get creative juices flowing through playful and energising workshops​.

Effective – we produce tangible and actionable outcomes which deliver measurable results.


Discovery - tailored research

Idea generation workshops

Developing and testing

Post launch evaluation

Innovation strategy development

Research bid support



“It was a great pleasure to work with Pivot Lab who designed and facilitated an exceptionally engaging and informative customer insight workshop for our second Scale up Scotland cohort. Clare and Jyl demonstrated a real understanding of our requirements and combined their depth and breadth of complementary skills and experience to deliver insightful, practical, and output focused content. We very much look forward to working with them again.”

Ken Whipp – Programme Director Scale up Scotland

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